Strand:6 Lifetime Education & Health

Section 1: – Interpretative Centre Barryscourt Castle: Where History Comes to Life

The interpretive centre will promote Carrigtwohill’s regional historical importance, emphasising Barryscourt Castle’s restoration as a symbol of the town’s rich heritage. It highlights the castle’s origin as the stronghold of the influential Cambro-Norman Barry family, enduring tumultuous periods, including conflicts during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Creating an interpretive centre would engage our diverse community, conserve cultural legacy, stimulate economic growth, foster education, and environmental stewardship, and enrich recreational pursuits. Envisioning the interpretive centre’s future trajectory towards 2040 by creating nata immersive exhibits, educational initiatives, and insightful narratives that explains Carrigtwohill’s history and Norman heritage. By facilitating intergenerational knowledge exchange and bolstering regional identity, the interpretive centre aspires to chart a trajectory that both honours the town’s past and navigates its course towards a vibrant future.

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