Strand:5 Industry, Tourism & Innovation

Section 1: – Innovation, Enterprise, and Retail

It is imperative to cultivate greater trust and collaboration with IDA, offering tailored solutions to meet their investment criteria in the area. 

For local entrepreneurs, infrastructure enhancement such as shared workspaces and innovation hubs are essential. Additionally, implementing a hydrogen production and distribution system, integrating Robotics and AI technologies into agricultural sector and healthcare will drive innovation and generate new employment opportunities withing the community. 

Carrigtwohill boasts a small yet vibrant community of indigenous businesses with immense talent, skills, expertise. It’s important to unearth and promote this latent potential though various channels and initiatives. 

To attract businesses, retail outlets, and visitors, our hospitality sector demands significant improvements. Building an hotel, adding new dining places, and creating designated meeting places for youth are critical steps.  An hotel can serve as a cornerstone of hospitality development in Carrigtwohill, providing a central hub for social gatherings, events and accommodating the needs of visiting professionals.

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