Strand:6 Lifetime Education & Health

Section 2: – Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is very important because it is necessary for both self-improvement and for social inclusion. It allows individuals to continue their development beyond their formative years and beyond their formal education, as well as boosting their employability and competitiveness in the job market. Beyond this, it extents to the level of the community, as well as the level of the individual because, not only can the benefits of lifelong learning be observed in the shape of better local economic development, but also the effectiveness of lifelong learning itself is increased when all age groups, genders, cultural groups and professional groupings can access shared spaces where they can learn and developed together Thus, lifelong learning is essential to the growth and development of any thriving community. The skills achieved through lifelong learning allow for a community that is based around a progressive and forward-thinking culture.

This program is aimed at fostering such a culture in the community around Carrigtwohill by creating opportunities, spaces and resources for all age groups, genders, and cultural groups to partake in shared learning experiences corresponding to their abilities and ambitions. Whilst this can seem a bit abstract, the report makes some decisive, tangible proposals towards supporting the learning ambitions of everyone who wants to engage with lifelong learning in Carrigtwohill.

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