Strand:1 Planning & Development

Section 1: – Planning, Development, Including Public Realm

Despite the challenges that the unique growth in population presents for Carrigtwohill, if it is properly planned and resourced, Carrigtwohill can become a town which retains its unique community spirit and is a highly attractive place to live.  The vision in this plan is for a Carrigtwohill with an excellent road, cycle and footpath network, serviced by excellent public transport, accessible to all including those with disabilities and the elderly and one with adequate social, educational, health, sports, recreational and amenity facilities and with an attractive and fitting town centre properly connected to other neighbourhood centres. 

Modest investment in our public realm could transform Carrigtwohill.  Our plan demonstrates how use of attractive materials in footpaths, use of attractive public lighting, alternative parking provision and appropriate planting and seating can turn our town centre into a fun and attractive gathering place. It demonstrates how clever use of green spaces and play areas can balance higher density residential development which is inevitable as a result of national and local authority policies.  

Our proposal is to work with and persuade policy makers to make Carrigtwohill a pathfinder town, one which will be an exemplar of how modern towns can be successfully and sustainably developed as attractive communities.

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