Strand:4 Social Protection & Integration

Section 2: – Social Inclusion and Integration

This element will identify how best to engage with the diverse communities living in Carrigtwohill and to promote their input into developments in the area. 

People living in Carrigtwohill come from varied national, ethnic, linguistic, and religious backgrounds.  It recognises the diversity that exists between and within these communities.  It will identify and build on the positive experiences of living in Carrigtwohill and the benefits of diversity for the community as a whole.  It will build on issues and needs raised within previous consultations and through existing structures and supports.  It will identify ‘ambassadors’, structures, and platforms to promote consultation on individuals’ and families’ economic, social and cultural needs and the barriers to integration.  It will identify and seek to provide the services and supports required now and for the future that will support inclusion and integration.  Sub-groups such as young people will be specifically encouraged to be involved.  

This engagement will contribute to a sense of belonging and the resulting services and supports will contribute to a cohesive society within Carrigtwohill and lead to a sustainable community into the future.

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