Strand:5 Industry, Tourism, and Innovation

Section 2: – Tourism in Carrigtwohill

Barryscourt Castle with its rich historical significance has been acknowledged in previous projects, but it has so much more to offer! By hosting Medieval Festivals, conferences, art exhibitions and concerts within its grounds, it can transform into a thriving business. 

In 2023, Cobh welcomed 113 cruise liners to its port. Creating a tailored tour for cruise passengers to visit Barryscourt Castle, the Augustine Abbey, the ouster farm, and concluding at Midleton Distillery could position Barryscourt Castle to a must-to-visit highlight of a day trip generating revenue for the village and providing employment opportunities for locals.

An hotel in the village will not only offer convenience to visiting specialists, but also serves as a catalyst for growth in the tourism sector, allowing tourists to stay longer in the area. 

Another promising opportunity lies in the development of a Campervan Park halfway between the ports of Cork and Rosslare, turning Carrigtwohill into a Gateway to East Cork, further enhancing its appeal to tourists.

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